Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is a digital marketing tool for businesses that focuses on using social networking websites and networks to:

  • Produce and share content

  • Advertise

  • Increase brand exposure

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Broaden customer reach

  • Engage new customers

  • Interact with existing customers

  • Promote a company’s brand, mission, company culture, identity, etc.

  • Provide basic information like contact information, company bio, and products or services

  • Gain customer reviews and recommendations

Social media refers, but is not limited, to sites like:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • SnapChat

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn

  • Pinterest

  • Skype

  • FourSquare

  • Flickr

  • Tumbler.

Social media websites allow us to to engage a comprehensive range of tactics and strategies to promote a company’s content and have the RIGHT people engage with it. Social media marketing in this day and age is a must-do.

Whether you are needing an overhaul of your current social media, are new to the arena, need someone to manage your social media or have someone create, program and manage social media ads -  424 Marketing can do it all!