Online and offline image and reputation services

As experienced PR professionals, we work in a number of capacities to cultivate a positive image and reputation for clients by sharing unpaid or earned communications. Communications can be spread through many channels to include traditional media, social and digital media and in-person engagements. PR includes:

  • Media Outreach – We have the contacts! Media outreach focuses on developing, establishing and fostering relationships with local media, journalists, bloggers, etc. These relationships help ensure proper coverage of stories that are being pitched.

  • Media Monitoring - Want to know who’s talking about you? We can provide you with an insight into who, where and how the media is covering your business.

  • Reputation Management - Your reputation can turn incredibly quickly, especially with the digital landscape providing a space (or many spaces) for people to speak freely and share their word far and wide. We can monitor these opinions and respond to comments and concerns, both positive and negative, ensuring your message is clearly heard and your true brand identity is shown at all times.

  • Crisis Communications – Have a crisis? Big or small, having a concrete plan in place to effectively communicate and resolve an issue is imperative. We can do this for you!

  • Positive Image Creation – Need help with “bettering your image.” We can help develop strategies that will create and ensure a positive brand association among your public.