Professional Business Marketing Plans

Having a strategy to market your business is imperative. A marketing plan should be put in place for any new or existing business to ensure you are delivering an accurate message, to the appropriate people, at the correct place and time, using the proper method for delivery. Plans should be evaluated and revisited often to gauge effectiveness.

We focus on four essential components to ensure a proper marketing strategy:

  • Target Audience – Focuses on who we are trying to reach and why.

  • Message & Content – Focuses on the message we are delivering to our audience.

  • Placement – Focuses on the time, location, and visibility of the dispersed message.

  • Delivery– Focuses on the marketing medium & vehicle we are using to deliver the message (i.e. traditional marketing using magazine ads, or social media marketing using Facebook).

At 424 Marketing, we work with your company to create a marketing plan that aligns with your business goals. We will use the best marketing tactics for your industry and budget that will help you reach your growth potential. A streamlined, strategic, effective plan is what we aim to produce.

Remember, if you are just winging your marketing efforts, or using “shot-gun” marketing tactics you are wasting time and essential marketing dollars.