Digital Marketing & Advertising Services

Simply put, digital marketing is advertising delivered through digital channels. Channels can include social media, mobile apps, email, web, search engines, websites or other digital channels. Digital media marketing is “new-age” marketing. It’s faster than traditional media marketing, data and results-driven, insightful, quickly interchangeable, constant, and targeted.  And there are many different forms!

  • Email marketing – Email marketing is just what is sounds like; marketing to customers or potential customers using electronic mail (email). Email marketing allows you to reach specific audiences and share whatever type of information you think may be useful to them quickly and efficiently

  • Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is a huge part of digital marketing, so we have an entire section dedicated to it here.

  • Content Marketing – Content marketing consists of the creation and sharing of useful online material and content that helps your audience see you as a valuable source. This comes in the form of blogs, podcasts, case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, info-graphics, webinars, videos, and other content graphics.

  • Paid Advertising – Paid advertising includes paid online advertisements that can be placed using a number of different methods. Examples include: display ads, native ads, social media ads and video ads. This includes PPC.

Along with all the various methods of delivery and type, digital marketing also offers spectacular advantages that tradtional marketing cannot match.

  • Targeting - Target your audience based on the criteria that matters most to your business (i.e. interest, age, income, gender, geographical location, life events, etc.)

  • Immediacy - Immediacy refers to how quickly you can publish content or make a change to it. With digital advertising, if you are ready to push a new ad campaign, change up your creative, interact with your audience, or even just boost a post, you can do it as quickly as you like - in real time.

  • Interaction - Interactivity comes in the form of what happens after the audience sees your ad. Digital advertising gives the viewer the option to take a step further with your ad – click a button to call, or message, visit your website, buy now, sign-up for your e-blasts, read a blog post you created, watch a video, etc.

  • Analytics -  Analytics (think analysis of. . .) helps you see how you (your ad, webpage, blog, etc.) are performing, and gives you information to help you tweak whatever is being analyzed to yield the maximum return.

  • Interchangeability - After reviewing your analytics, is your ad not working? Is the target you picked too broad or narrow? Did your e-blast flop? You can change it!

At 424 Marketing Co. we specialize in Digital Marketing and would love to work with you to create a digital marketing plan that will yield a worthy return!